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I'm Miskolczi Richárd (Typo for the cool kids), technology enthusiast and free software advocate. I created this website with the purpose of keeping all important information regarding my project links, perhaps important articles and manuals in one place, with the hopes that it would one day be of use to somebody else as well.


Here's some links to important repositories of mine, as well as a link to my GitLab profile.

TypoMustakes' GitLab
Typo's Arch Linux repository
Typo's dotfiles
Gamepad - a CLI client for xow
Gitbot - a CLI tool to easily sync your dotfiles with git


Here's my emacs config in case you're interested


If you wish to contact me on a platform that does not implement encryption by default (email, for example), I suggest you use my public key to encrypt your message. For privacy ;)


The minimalist design of this website might come as a surprise to you and you might be wondering why I designed this site in such a manner.

  • it's easier ofc
  • it means less bloat
  • it means no spooky background code so you can feel more at ease from privacy invasions that the rest of the interwebz is littered with
  • it makes the website readable in lesser-known, minimal browsers suck as Links (no really check it out it's pretty cool)
  • it looks really nerdy (besides the point but still relevant)

I hope the design and feel of this (and other similar websites) has an influence on other web developers and that they will consequently at least consider designing their own websites in a similar fashion. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


Here's how you may contact me, should you wish to do so:

Matrix: @typomustakes:matrix.org
Email: miskolczi.richard@protonmail.com

Author: Miskolczi Richárd <miskolczi.richard@protonmail.com>

Created: 2021-07-06 Tue 18:37, with Emacs Org-mode